Vietnam Classic Highlights Tours programs are the mandatory mission in VAC TRAVEL experts mind. Bringing you to the uniqueness Destination where you must see. With a very long coastal line, Vietnam has a great opportunity to discover, we pick all the top destinations for you to create your Vacation. If  hiking, biking is your strong suite. SaPa, Mu Cang Chai, Pu Luong is the Highlights you must see. You will hike and visit the local Vietnamese in the villages where the villagers will welcome you as the member of the family. You could chat, eat, and drink with them.  

Vietnam Classic Highlights Tour also takes you to some of the UNESCO Heritage sites. You may wish to stay on tradition Junk in Halong Bay. Take a short day tour to visit Trang An UNESCO site(Known as Halong Bay in Land), or visit the floating market in the MeKong River Delta. Vietnam food is also another secret for you to discover. Taking the street food tour in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh city is a big fun and different experience travel.