Hanoi - North Vietnam Discovery

it is not wrong visiting any part of Vietnam, but you’ll find the most spectacular sights in the northern part of the country, and Hanoi makes a great base to explore this region’s many wonders. Here is the Top 05-Destination “must-see”.
01. Hanoi Capital
Hanoi Temperature
You should have a minimum of two or three days to explore the city of Hanoi, as well. Beautiful Hoan Kiem Lake is the living cultural, historical, and spiritual heart of Hanoi and it’s a “must-see” place to visit. The ancient Old Quarter is a wonderful place to wander, with its maze of small streets and jumble of shops. Historically, each block specialized in selling a certain item—tin, bamboo, herbs, cloth, pottery—the street names still reflect this heritage. You also could buy a glass of freshly brewed beer at one of the many open-air Bia Hoi ( draft Beer) and listen to the crowdy toasts, conversations, and laughter from the regulars who come here to discuss everything from sports to major business deals. Sip coffee at a streetside café and watch the endless procession of street vendors. It’s a unique way to immerse yourself in Vietnamese daily life.
One of the best option to discover the charm of the Hanoi city with a full-day tour or take a few hours walking for the street food tours and taste the best food of Hanoian which is available on the street.

02. Ninh Binh - The Ancient Capital of Vietnam

Trang An heritage Unesco

Known as Halong Bay inland - Ninh Binh city has a tranquil and stunning scenery which offers you the best day trip activity. You will experience on the aluminum rowboat paddled by local village women and enjoy the incredible rock formation of the kast mountain, mountain goats, boating along peaceful river waterways through a series of dark grottoes. If you love adventure activity, you may wish to hike up to Mua cave to enjoy the panorama view or discover the biodiversity in Cuc Phuong National Park which is Vietnam’s oldest national park—and visit one of the Southeast Asia’s largest virgin rainforests, complete with easily-accessed primitive caves, thousands of butterflies, and internationally respected primate and pangolin rescue centers.

03. Halong Bay - The New 7 Natural World Wonders

Halong Bay

it is funny but true saying in Vietnam for all traveler" If you are traveling in Vietnam without Halong Bay trip in your bucket list - you are losing at least the best 24 hours in your life".

There is no word could describe the beauty of Halong Bay itself except your experience travel.
Hundreds of tiny islands—many of them inhabited only by monkeys—feature dozens of caves and innumerable deserted beaches. Magnificent limestone towers rise above the waters of the bay like brooding primeval sentinels.

The perfect way to discover and enjoy this world natural wonder is to jump onto a boat cruising to the far-most corners where there are hidden lagoons, unexploited beaches and exotic grottoes that can be found nowhere else in the world.

We recommend you save minimum 02 days 0r 3 days stay in Halong Bay with the overnight cruise trip. Halong Bay trip 02 days 01 night or 03 days 02 nights stay on the cruise. You will be able to see the most stunning moments in Ha Long Bay with its greatest wonder, enjoy the sunset, sunrise and a starry or moonlit night which will be your unforgettable travel memory.

04. Sapa – Northwest Loops

Sapa rice field

Sapa is up North of Vietnam ( near the Chinese border), and away from Hanoi 05 hours drive on the highway (or 08-09 hours by overnight train).

Sapa famous for both its minority authentic culture discovery and breath-taking and stunning view. The weather in sapa offers traveler "Four seasons in one day" Chilly winter in the early morning, spring-time after sunrise, summer in afternoon and cold winter at night.

It rains very often during the month of August, especially in the mornings - though this is also the time when the scenery is at its greenest and most beautiful.

Sapa offers traveler activity such as hiking, trekking, biking to discover the Sapa town and the villages in the surroundings. The accommodation in this region is fit for all your request if you wish to stay and experience with the ethnic community and connect with nature scenery at the homestay in the villages or comfortable Luxury Lodge, hotels - all criteria will be met in Sapa. here is a suggestion program you may wish to discover. North Vietnam Experience 08 days

05. Ha Giang – Northeast Loops

Dong Van Geo-Karst

Ha Giang is a province in the northeast region of Vietnam, impresses traveler with its high karst plateau, steep hills, winding roads and ethnic diversity. It is ideal for outdoor activities such as trekking and photo trip.

Within six-hour drive from Hanoi. It is a spectacular part of the remote, mountainous region of Vietnam’s far northeast. Incredible terraced rice paddies climb to the summits of the surrounding mountains, extending beyond the horizon. 22 ethnic minority tribes, pristine lakes, pine forests, stone forests, caves bristling with undisturbed formations, and incredible waterfalls are just a few of the many treats that await the traveler discover.

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