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Vietnam tours 10 best destinations must see is one of the best opportunity to discover Vietnam country and its people. In addition, Vietnam country has all your needs and the Vietnam tours 10 best destinations must see is helping you reveal every hidden corner of its culture, tradition and daily life.

Especially, Vietnam tours 10 best destinations must see will give you a touch of the local hospitality, the beautiful soul of Vietnamese. By doing this tour, you will have a chance to share your love, your vision, and you will appreciate the country and people during your vacation.

Hence, VAC Travel offers the Vietnam tours 10 best destinations must see as the opportunity to discover Vietnamese culture in your dream vacation. You could pick your destination, create your pace of trip, set your budget, needs, and enjoy your vacation.


  1. Hanoi Capital

Within over 1000 years history development and general governor of Indochina under the French ruled time, Hanoi has its own unique characters compare to many cities in Vietnam. In addition, the great combination in between French architect styles and the tradition Vietnamese local styles such as The Opera House, offices, beautiful trees lines, pretty lakes and the unique Hanoi old quarter within 36 commercial streets.

This old Hanoi also shows you all the Vietnamese tradition in the narrow houses, small alleys and craft work. If you are interested in Art, there is nowhere better than in Hanoi city. The best Art galleries in Vietnam will be displayed along the Hang Bong street, Hang Gai street. Strolling around in the Old Quarter by rickshaw, taste some coffee, and local Vietnamese cuisine is the great experience forever.

Hanoi short day tours.

 Hanoi and the surrounding discovery

 2. Mu Cang Chai

Mu Cang Chai is the district of Yen Bai province up north from Hanoi. This destination is still untouched by tourists. Be recognized for Vietnam National Tourism Destination of the most beautiful rice terraces fields in Vietnam. Thanks for hard working by H’mong people over 100 years, they already created the fantastic image and still practice the traditional family value.  

3. Sapa Hill Station

Sapa hill station is a very popular destination for tourists who like experience local life of mountain tribes. You will enjoy hiking, climbing or biking here. You may wish to discover the authentic culture by staying in the homestay with home- hosted food.

Hanoi – Sapa 3 days / 2 nights by car

4. Trang An Heritage Unesco site.

Trang An for the Cultural & historical site is newly listed by Unesco. Be the first capital of Vietnam after 1000 years ruled by Chinese, Trang An is known as Halong Bay inland now.  You could take a day trip from Hanoi, or you could take a journey Hanoi-Trang an- Halong bay for a couple of days. Hotels, resorts, and Tourists services are available now. You also could take a boat trip in the famous Van Long preservation where the King Kong film series made “Kull Island”.

Trang An  Heritage Unesco day tour

5. Halong Bay Cruise

There is no doubt, Halong Bay trip is the best forever, and you must see on your Vietnam vacation. You enjoy this journey with your biggest opened eyes because of its beauty and uniqueness.

6. Phong Nha cave – Quang Binh Province

Quang Binh- Phong Nha cave, Son Doong cave is one of the biggest limestone cave for all explorer in the world. If you are looking for the adventure trip, Phong Nha cave-Quang Bing is the must for you. All movie recorded has not exposed all the spiritual and charm of this area.  

7. Hue Imperial City

Hue is a very romantic city on the bank of Huong River(Perfume River). Within over 100 years history of the last Nguyen Dynasty,  Vietnamese built an aggressive forbidden city, enormous dirt and brick walls to protect the royal city and country. The architecture works are unbelievable tradition Vietnamese artworks and western design influence. The royal city was destroyed very heavily during Tet offensive 1968 and is restoring now. The bullets and damages are still seeing on the walls on site.

8. Hoi an Ancient Town

Hoi an is a peaceful city and well preserved the old architecture. Mostly Chinese and Japanese architecture works here. Strolling in Hoi An you will enjoy the rich culture of local people in town, and you may wish to have a tailor made clothes. This Capital is a fascinating for walking and relax.


9. Cai Rang the floating market

Cai Rang floats market is a wonderful market in Mekong Delta region, Colorful flowers, fresh fruits, and foods is doing business on the boat every day. Every morning, thousand of ships from the Mekong Delta’s neighbors  load all their best staffs on the boats to Cai Rang market 

10. Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh is a very dynamic city in Vietnam. You will see the western lifestyle is influencing here. If you are the person of nightlife and western food, Ho Chi Minh city should not be missed.  

There are some short day tour you may wish to discover Ho Chi Minh and the surroundings.

Cu Chi Tunnels.

Cai Be floating market day tour.

Cooking Class

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