Laos Overview

Laos is highly recognizable within Southeast Asian, and you should not miss it for all reasons. Regarded as the poorest country in Southeast Asia, Laos tourism potentials are not poor at all. That’s the reason why more and more foreigners have booked the Laos Holiday. At present, the economy and politics of this country have become stable with the fast-changing tourism growth. Therefore, you can experience Laos Tour with safety and confidence.
First of all, you’d better know the background information of Laos. It is the landlocked country that is featured with mountains, unspoiled tropical forest, rice paddies, and river. Geographically, less than 5% of the land is proper for agriculture – the main economy which offers about 80% of employment. The country is bordered by Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and China, which makes it advantageous for moving to a number of famous tourist sites.
Most areas of Laos remain untouched by the storm of modern tourism. 80% of the Laos population lives in the rural and mountainous regions where rice farming is the key. The sleepy beauty of Laos is appreciated by mankind. The tourists today come to the land to savor its untamed travel potential, eco-tourism, valuable cultural heritages of temples.
Besides, the friendliness of Laos people makes your holiday an experience to remember. There are lots of essentials for you to feast the eyes such as the thrilling nature, mysterious history, exceptional culture, great food, and diverse lifestyle.
Laos lifestyle is said to be unchanged for decades. Referring to the Laos quintessence, the best options travel for you: Vientiane, Luang Prabang, Muang Ngoi, Nong Khiaw, Muang Sing, Plain of Jars, Champasak and around, Vang Vieng, Si Phan Don, and Bolaven Plateau. You will never regret the moments you stay in each of these top Laos destinations.
Today, the peace of Laos has hit the world. So, you take it a very safe country to visit. When you’re in Laos, please do what the Laos people do! In this way, you can get immersed in the land and realize its hidden charm in the most enjoyable manner. Once you follow Laos’ local rules or customs, your trip becomes smoothest ever.

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