Yen Bai City Overview

Yen Bai- The Hidden Gem of North Vietnam

Located in the northern region of Vietnam. Known for its stunning natural landscapes, the city is nestled along the Red River and surrounded by magnificent mountains and forests. It's home to rich cultural diversity with several ethnic groups residing in the area, lending to a vibrant traditional tapestry. The region is also renowned for its agricultural products, particularly its high-quality tea. Its historical landmarks, picturesque landscapes, and unique culture make Yen Bai City an interesting off-the-beaten-path destination for travelers.

Top Attractions

Mu Cang Chai - Vietnam's Most Scenic Rice Terraces

Mu Cang Chai is considered one of the most picturesque landscapes of rice-terraced fields for tourists and photographer who loves to witness the stunning scenery from rice. Discover the...

Yen Bai City