Sapa homestay

Sapa homestay is a choice for travelers who wish to understand and experience more of the local people in Sapa villages.

Staying at a homestay in Sapa village, travelers should not expect to be high as good as at the hotel, you will experience how the local people live in the remote area, you will be supplying all simple needs - the mosquito net, blankets, mattress, pillow.

The most important is the bathroom, which is the biggest concern of travelers. most homestay VAC Travel choose for travelers stay will have a western toilet, some homestays in Sapa have showers.

Despite the modifications, homestays are still basic accommodation. Houses are little more than huts, with no natural light, mattresses are thin, the toilet’s not ensuite — possibly not even attached to the building — and sound insulation is non-existent. And if you’re not a fan of bugs and spiders, a homestay may not be for you. But it should be comfortable and clean enough.

Sapa Homestay

So why does it? Cultural experience aside, taking an overnight — or longer — trek means you can get further away from Sapa and explore more of the district. Yes, you could do that on separate day trips, with the assistance of a minibus, but of course, a homestay is more than just a bed for the night — it’s also an enlightening and enjoyable experience. Here’s what’s likely to happen.

Finally, another very good reason for doing a homestay is to support the locals. Income from homestays can dramatically improve the lives of the hosts and the village overall.

We would definitely recommend including a homestay on a trek if you have the time.

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